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Auto Body Repair & Bodywork in Edmonton, AB

Getting in an accident is stressful enough, the last thing you need is to deal with problems getting back on the road. As you deal with negotiating with your insurance company, lawyers or any required medical attention, our goal is to completely look after your vehicle and focus on getting it in working order again. Anything can happen on the road, but getting your vehicle repaired correctly is absolutely necessary for a safer driving experience.

Our technicians are certified in light & heavy duty body restoration. This includes everything from small dents and scrapes to full frame and panel replacement. We offer these repairs at competitive prices and quick turnaround. Not having a vehicle in working order can easily affect your daily life. Through us, you can minimize that stress and move on with your business! After identifying your needs and providing a free estimate, with your approval we will immediately get to work getting your vehicle looking like new. 


We use top-of-the-line equipment and utilize certified technicians to tackle any and all auto body repairs. Although we stand by the quality of our work, we offer limited-lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship. Additionally we provide all estimates free of charge so you can easily know exactly what you'll be getting into before we begin any working process. 

Our auto body repair services include:

  • Light body restoration

  • Heavy-duty body restoration, including frame replacement

  • Hail damage dent removal

  • Scratch, scuff and surface repair 

  • Full paint restoration with colour match technology and OEM colours

In the event of a collision, we also offer towing services to assist in getting your vehicle to our shop. If you need towing after a collision in Edmonton, AB, please reach out to Custom Towing at (780)448-7200 and ask for drop off at ProColor South Central Edmonton. Please note that it is your right to choose where you get your repairs done after a collision. 


Our team is equipped to tackle even the biggest jobs, including full frame welding and repair! The truth is, accidents do happen. The purpose of modern vehicle safety standards is to allow damage to occur to the vehicle itself, instead of the individuals inside. This means that if your vehicle has been part of a collision, chances are the frame will need some attention. 

From twists to dents and breaks, we can service full frame repair on all makes and models. 


The only way to prevent corrosion is to stop it in its tracks at the source location. Unfortunately, rust can be a challenge to repair, which is why you need to apply rust protection as soon as you notice it starting. Living in Edmonton, Alberta, our vehicles are exposed to much higher concentrations of salt during our cold seasons. Along with this, climate fluctuations and abrasions from rocks and gravel also contribute to an increased risk of rust.

If you are noticing any signs of rust, get in contact with our team and we will get you an estimate on our rust protection services to stop the rust from spreading any further!

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